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Account Related Charges

Sr.No. Item Charges
1 Quarterly Average Balance (QAB)-Non maintenance charges- Current Account excluding CA of BCs Rs.713/- per quarter ( all segment)
2 Quarterly Average Balance Non Maintenance charges- Savings Bank account (All Segments) All segment -NIL
3 Issue of Pass book Nil
4 Duplicate Pass book/Statement(Saving Bank Account, Current Account & Cash credit Account) With latest Balance Rs.114/- additional Rs.114/- per folio (40 entries) for additional previous entries
5 Stop payment instructions Saving Bank account (All segments) CA/CC (All segments) Rs. 114/- per instrument up to 3 leaves. Range of Cheques Rs.229/- Rs. 114/- per instrument up to 3 leaves. Range of Cheques Rs.229/-
6 Account closure: Within 14 days:- NIL Beyond 14 days-upto 6 months: Rs.342/-(individual),Excluding Basic & Small accounts opened under FI After 6 months but before 12 months: Rs.229/-(Individual), Excluding Basic & Small accounts opened under FI
7 Transfer of Account( SB/CA) All segments Rs.114/- per occasion(inclusive of postal charges).
8 Cheque returned charges – (for insufficient fund only) Cheques drawn on us. (Local /Outstation) (Outward & Inward clearing -Cheque upto Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.257/-+Out of pocket expenses, if any. -Cheque above Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.399/-+ Out of pocket expenses, if any.
9 Cheque return charges- cheque drawn on us (for technical reason, other than link/system/ power failure) Rs. 114/+ Other Bank’s charges ( No charges will be recover, where the customer is not at fault)
10 Cheque Returning charges of Post Dated Cheque (PDC) If PDC for loan repayment is returned unpaid, a penalty of Rs.285/- per cheque will be recovered in addition to the penal interest.
11 Cheque/bills deposited with us:-returned unpaid by other banks– (Local/Outstation) Cheque/bill upto Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.114/-+Out of pocket expenses, if any. -Cheque /bill above Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.229/-+ Out of pocket expenses, if any.
12 Signature verification (All Segment) Rs.172/- per instance.
13 Balance Certificate Rs.172/- per instance.
14 Interest Certificate Rs.172/- per instance.
15 No dues certificate Priority sector – No charges. Others Rs.114/- for individual firm Rs.229/-
16 Presentation of Usance Bills Rs.126/- per instance.
17 Photo Attestation charges Rs.172/- per instance.
18 Record–copy of the cheque Rs.172/- per instance.
19 Enquiries relating to old records. (more than 12 months) Rs.172/- per item upto 2 years and thereafter Rs. 114/- per additional year.
20 Solvency certificate Non-Commercial:- Rs.342/- Commercial:- Rs.342/- per lacs, Min. Rs.1368/-Max. Rs.20520/-
21 Postal charges Ordinary: Rs.21/- Regd/Speed post/courier: Rs.51/-
22 Failed S.I. Rs.229/-
23 Failed EMI charges No change
24 Issue of Deposit at Call receipt(payable at branch) Nil
25 Cash Handling charges for CA/CC account (other than P. Seg. customer) Upto one bundle( 1000 pieces) : NIL Rs.30/- per packet containing 100-notes of same denomination. Loose note Rs.0.60 per note Min Rs.50/- Max Rs.17100/-
26 Allowing operations through Power of Attorney/ Mandate Rs.570/-
27 Inoperative account SB a/c - NIL C A/c: Linked to AQB
28 Charges for excess debit entries in SB Rs.5/- per entry. (For entries over 30 per ½ year)(Other than alternate channel/ATM txn. Other than SBP ATMs).
29 Setting up of Standing Instruction (SI) including SI for other than Bank transfer Rs.57/-
30 Processing of SI (other than Bank transfers) Rs.25/-+ remittance charges + postage (Remittance & Postage charge Manually)
31 SMS alert charges RS.16/- (Inclusive of service tax)per quarter)

Charges (Inclusive of Service Tax @ 14%)

Sr.No. Item Charges
(Including Service Tax @14% )
1 Safe Deposit Lockers
Size A 125 X 175 x 492 Size B 159 X 210 X 492 Metro & Urban Centres: Rs.1116/- Semi-urban &Rural Rs.862/-
Size C 125 X 352 X 492 Size D 189 X 263 X 492 Size E 159 X 423 X 492 Size H1 325 X 210 X 492 Metro & Urban Centres: Rs.2841/- Semi-urban & Rural Rs.1725/-
Size F 278 X 352 X 492 Size G 189 X 529 X 492 Size H 325 X 423 X 492 Metro & Urban Centres: Rs.5073/- Semi-urban & Rural Rs.5073/-
Size L 404 X 529 X 492 Size L1 385 X 529 X 492 Metro & Urban Centres: Rs.7610/- Semi-urban & Rural Rs.7610/-
1.In case of loss of key of the lockers, a service charge of Rs.777/- has to be recovered from hirer in addition to the actual expenditure incurred in breaking open the locker and changing of key by manufacturer of lockers.
2.One Time Locker Registration Charges:- Rs.517/-
3.No. of Locker visits per year: 12 visits free: thereafter Rs.102/- per visit to be recovered manually.
4.Locker Rent Overdue Charges:
10% of annual rent
2nd Quarter 25% of annual rent
3rd Quarter 40% of annual rent
1yr 50% of annual rent
2 Safe custody charges Charges
  1. Scrips (for each scrip)
a)Rs.171/- per scrip. Min.
2.2 b) Sealed cover (for each cover) b)Rs.342/- per cover p.a. Or part thereof.
2.3 c) Bank’s own deposit receipt c) Nil
3 Safe deposit articles Charges
Rs.627/- one time charges
Additional Charges for Envelop - Rs.143/- p.a.
Additional Charges for Packet: Rs.627/- p.a.
Additional Charges for Large packet / Box Rs.1254/- p.a. (100 cm-max) Beyond that Rs.57/- per. cm. Subject to maximum total dimension (i.e. length+width+height) not exceeds 100c.m. Rs.20/- per cm. (Subject to availability of space available)