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Account Related Charges



Quarterly Average Balance (QAB)-Non maintenance charges- Current Account excluding CA of BCs

Rs.702/- per quarter ( all segment)

Quarterly Average Balance Non Maintenance charges- Savings Bank account (All Segments)

All segment -NIL

Issue of Pass book


Duplicate Pass book/Statement(Saving Bank Account, Current Account & Cash credit Account)

With latest Balance Rs.112/- additional Rs.112/- per folio (40 entries) for additional previous entries

Stop payment instructions

Saving Bank account (All segments)

CA/CC (All segments)

No Change

Rs. 112/- per instrument up to 3 leaves. Range of Cheques Rs.225/-

Account closure:

Within 14 days:- NIL

Beyond 14 days-upto 6 months: Rs.337/-(individual),Excluding Basic & Small accounts opened under FI

After 6 months but before 12 months: Rs.225/-(Individual), Excluding Basic & Small accounts opened under FI

Transfer of Account( SB/CA) All segments

Rs.112/- per occasion(inclusive of postal charges).

Cheque returned charges – (for insufficient fund only) Cheques drawn on us. (Local /Outstation) (Outward & Inward clearing

-Cheque upto Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.253/-+Out of pocket expenses, if any.

-Cheque above Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.393/-+ Out of pocket expenses, if any.

Cheque return charges- cheque drawn on us (for technical reason, other than link/system/ power failure)

Rs. 112/+ Other Bank’s charges ( No charges will be recover, where the customer is not at fault)

Cheque Returning charges of Post Dated Cheque (PDC)

If PDC for loan repayment is returned unpaid, a penalty of Rs.281/- per cheque will be recovered in addition to the penal interest.

Cheque/bills deposited with us:-returned unpaid by other banks– (Local/Outstation)

-Cheque/bill upto Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.112/-+Out of pocket expenses, if any.

-Cheque /bill above Rs.1.00 lacs: Rs.225/-+ Out of pocket expenses, if any.

Signature verification (All Segment)

Rs.169/- per instance.

Balance Certificate

Rs.169/- per instance.

Interest Certificate

Rs.169/- per instance.

No dues certificate

Priority sector – No charges.

Others Rs.112/- for individual

firm Rs.225/-

Presentation of Usance Bills

Rs.124/- per instance.

Photo Attestation charges

Rs.169/- per instance.

Record–copy of the cheque

Rs.169/- per instance.

Enquiries relating to old records.

(more than 12 months)

Rs.169/- per item upto 2 years and thereafter Rs. 112/- per additional year.

Solvency certificate

Non-Commercial:- Rs.337/-

Commercial:- Rs.337/- per lacs,

Min. Rs.1348/-Max. Rs.20225/-

Postal charges

Ordinary: Rs.20/-

Regd/Speed post/courier: Rs.51/-

Failed S.I.


Failed EMI charges

Rs.500/per EMI

Issue of Deposit at Call receipt(payable at branch)


Cash Handling charges for CA/CC account (other than P. Seg. customer)

Upto one bundle( 1000 pieces) : NIL

More than one bundle: Rs.102/- per bundle,

max. Rs.10187/-

Allowing operations through Power of Attornerny/ Mandate


Inoperative account

SB a/c - NIL

C A/c: Linked to AQB

Charges for excess debit entries in SB

Rs.5/- per entry. (For entries over 30 per ½ year)(Other than alternate channel/ATM txn. Other than SBP ATMs).

Setting up of Standing Instruction (SI) including SI for other than Bank transfer


Processing of SI (other than Bank transfers)

Rs.25/-+ remittance charges + postage

(Remittance & Postage charge Manually)

SMS alert charges

RS.15/- (Inclusive of service tax)per quarter)

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