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SBP Presence
For the convenience of NRIs we have designated NRI Jalandhar branch as our Nodal branch to receive funds on behalf of our Bank and provide direct credit on-line through Core Banking, irrespective of the account of the beneficiary being in any of our branch of our Bank throughout India.
How to send funds to India for deposit in any of our branches:
Procedure: It is very easy to send funds to our branches in India. For example, for an NRI living in the USA, he can transfer funds through J P Morgan Chase Bank who are one of our Correspondent Banks in USA, by completing the Fund Transfer Application. Funds can be transferred instantly through the SWIFT system. Normally the application forms for fund transfer will require following information. (For NRIs living in other countries or in other currency zones, the Correspondent Banks are mentioned in the table below).

Pay to: - Name and address of Correspondent bank e.g. J.P.Morgan Chase Bank, New York.

For Credit to: State Bank of Patiala, Treasury Branch, Mumbai Account No. 001-1-406204
For Credit to: State Bank of Patiala

Beneficiary branch: NRI-Jaladhar Branch- Code No-5589


Beneficiary: Name and Account Number (Account No. in 11 digits)

Purpose: For crediting into (write detail of account and account number with branch and code Number where you want money to be deposited.
List of our Correspondent banks in different Currencies:
Name of the Bank Currency SWIFT CODE NOSTRO A/c No.
JP Morgan Chase Bank USD CHASUS33 001-1-406204
State Bank of India, New York USD SBINUS33 77605023720001
State Bank of India, London GBP SBINGB2L 10844601
State Bank of India, Frankfurt EURO SBINDEFF 52608101920001
State Bank of India, Tokyo JPY SBINJPJT 10173950020001
Bank of America, Sydney AUS $ BOFAAUSX 520112770010
Bank of Nova, Scotia CAD NOSCCATT 313017
Address of Exchange house(s) for remittance from Gulf countries:
1.Emirates India International Exchange
United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
Tel: 009714-2232270, 2232261
2. Trust Exchange Company
Post Box- 24324, DOHA-QATAR .
Tel (974) 4352055/56

If there is any State Bank of India branch in the neighborhood, you can use their services also for sending money to us.

For more detail please visit Bank’s website: link NRI services.

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